Joshua Davis
Nov 5, 2018, 8:42 AM
Alright, so four days in… I feel surprisingly strong. All the workouts so far have been geared towards just getting out there and moving again, but I expected some soreness and aches and pains, especially after having done so little and then stringing together consecutive days. Thus far though, I feel great.It’s way too early to draw any conclusions, but there are a couple of things that I have been more mindful of in my approach–feel like they certainly can’t be hurting and am curious to see how they translate as the workouts start to pile up. First, I’ve been more deliberate about stretching. I struggle with tightness, mainly in my hips and calves, and too often that limits how hard I can push on long runs. So for this five week period, I am trying to make sure that I set aside time for not only the workouts, but also the prep and recovery for the workouts (I’m terrible at this). In a similar vein, I’ve been trying to pay better attention to my nutrition throughout the day so that I am actually fueled before heading out for a workout. (As you know, I have a bad habit of just taking off for a workout whenever I happen to free up, and a lot of times that leads to me crashing 30-45 minutes into a workout.)

I know that both of these things are super basic, but I’m awful about actually following through with them. What tends to happen is that I’m pretty much always “on” with my job, so it can be tough for me to plan specific times for my workouts. I tend to get up in the morning, check my email, get sucked into putting out fires, and then just squeeze my workouts in whenever things cool off for an hour or so. That’s always going to happen, but I know I can plan better throughout the day. I’m hoping that by focusing on this with a relatively short-term goal in sight, I’ll pick up some better habits.

Other than that, I’m just excited to see where this goes. I am a little nervous about the prospect of seeing how little running we can actually do going into the 50-miler. I find myself feeling like I should be running all of the time, but am going to trust the process.

The focus of the week was for getting Josh re-acclimated to consistent exercise and creating a routine. We started the week, mid week and he had 2 runs and 2 rides. No strength training last week.