Week 2 to 50 is complete.


So this week was definitely getting into more of the meat of training. Had to run a bit on tired legs, and had some curve balls thrown at me by work.

My legs still feel good, but I’d say it took 2 full days to bounce back after the first strength training session (hadn’t done any strength training in probably 2.5 months). Other than that, just trying to stick with the nutrition and stretching that I talked about last week. Early in the week, I had a couple of runs after strength training, and then I hopped on a plane. The trip was very last minute, and I didn’t take the time to stretch out properly after my last run–could definitely tell the difference by the time I got to New York. My legs were stiff, my lower back was sore, and overall I just felt like crap. Got myself right relatively quickly, but just a reminder to stay on course.

So about that trip to New York…. Right around lunch time on Tuesday, Sara and I were sitting down at a dealership to pick up her new car when I got a call that the court on one of my cases had decided to have an emergency hearing in NYC the next morning. So instead of getting Sara’s car, I immediately started looking for flights and trying to figure out how I would get to NYC and rearrange my schedule to accommodate the hearing. Training wasn’t my #1 priority at the time, but I at least grabbed my running shoes and some workout clothes as I threw together an overnight bag.

Ultimately, the court put off the hearing until Thursday, which was great because it allowed some time to actually prepare. But as far as everything else for the week, it just made scheduling that much more of a pain (since things kept moving). As far as training, I had to double-up some training over the weekend to fit everything in, but it wasn’t too bad. And those workouts over the weekend were actually great confidence builders.

The best thing about the court moving the hearing to Thursday though: I got to watch the Duke/UK basketball game Tuesday night with everyone’s favorite UK fan. Out of respect for the dead, I’ll just leave it at that. (And this: http://www.goduke.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?clip=5901630&db_oem_id=4200)


Coach’s Note:
Duke still sucks….
Total hours: 7:43
Swim: 0
Bike: 2:29 (46 miles)
Run: 16.1 miles
Strength: 1:53
Other (Yoga, Breathing, Etc): 0:59

The runs this week were focused on continuing to establish the consistency of running (time on foot) and to add in one tempo run for Josh to open it up a little.

This week was a 3 CTL ramp (well within the “safe” zone). The goal for the week was to gain a little more consistency of movement while not increasing the running load by much.

With 3 weeks remaining, we will bump the running a bit more and drastically increase the non running work to provide the needed strength for the connective tissue that will be required for the 50 miler. We do not have time to safely ramp the running so we are going to test alternative theories for providing the support the muscles and tendons will need.

– Coach Jeremy