Joshua DavisSun, Nov 18, 6:32 PM (7 days ago)
to meThis was an interesting week. Had a quick trip to DC early in the week, and have a ton of deadlines this coming Monday—so had to be flexible in order to get everything in. A little rearranging and doubling up here and there though, and I was able to make it work.

That being said, my legs felt like they were really coming around this week. Felt like I had a little pop early in the week, and base runs were coming at a decent pace and were fun with minimal effort. Then I had my tempo run on Friday.

I quickly realized three things: (1) I hate running at night (a constant work onslaught from before I woke up until later in the evening meant I didn’t get to enjoy the beautiful weather that was taunting me all day); (2) I have no speed, none—it doesn’t really matter for the purposes of the coming run, but I was amazed at the difference 45 seconds or so made in my pace in terms of how quickly I tired out… that will matter for the 50 miler; and (3) if I don’t eat right during the day, I have maybe 30 minutes before things start going south.

Ironically enough, a long, cold, wet run on Sunday helped get me right again. Just reinforces that with where I am right now, I need to stay in my lane. But when I do, it feels like I could run forever.

This week was a bit of a calculated risk but one that I know the athlete can handle for a week or two without major issues. We increased running from 3 times to 4 times while increasing the long run from 7 to 10. We maintained 2 aerobic days and 1 tempo while adding the longer run.

Strength training this week included some core work along with functional strengthening.

Overall Josh is progressing well and has noted feeling “really good” on his runs. The consistency coming back has him in a “runner’s groove” that we will ride out to the race.

By the numbers:
Cycling – 1:08
Running – 3:42
Strength – 1:50
Other (yoga, breath work, etc) – 1:07
Total – 7:47

​- Coach Jeremy