Where to even start. Every year that passes by that Mind Right is still a functioning organization is 1 year longer than I ever thought. There are times it seems, feels like and probably is, a complete dumpster fire. Seriously, engulfed in a flame of “WTF is actually happening here”.

What started off as a hobby has grown into something I can’t live without. Something that was once a 2nd or 3rd job is now a career.

Enough of that serious mushy crap. I am fully aware that the reason I have this career, this fun, this adventure is 100% because of each of you. I am not a complete idiot. Without the trust of my personal athletes and the trust of my fellow coaches, we would just be a bunch of exercisers passing in the night. So for that, I am completely humbled and gracious. 

2019 Recap

  • Swim Challenge
      • Epic success or epic failure? Depends on who you ask 🙂 
  • Races
      • Galveston – AKA Stormpocalypse
        • Rainy, storm front blew through preventing a lot of athletes from finishing
      • IMTX – Sammy the Swan and epic racing
        • First timers kicked ass
        • Blake on the grill for 8 hours and DJ’ing
      • Waco 70.3 – Wait, there are hills?
        • New cheerleaders, largest attended team race for participants
      • Another 70.3 World’s Qualifier and athletes racing across the world, literally
  • Camps
      • Spring long Course Camp
        • Ducks in pool, Jesse’s truck loaded out, open water swimming and the Gravel Road to Hell
      • Fall Long Course Camp
  • New Coaches
    • Mike Durner, Greta Neimenas

2020 Planning

  • Camp Dates
      • Cycling Camp
        • Feb
      • Spring Long Course Camp
        • March 20-22
  • Team Races
      • IMTulsa
      • Waco 70.3
      • IMFL
  • Team Store
      • Kits
        • CCN – Main Tri/Cycling Kits
        • DNA – Cycling Kits
  • Merch Offerings (2020)
    • Hats
    • Buffs
    • Normal MRE Tee
    • MRE concept/casual wear tee
    • Hoodies
    • Running Singlets
      • Men’s and Women’s Cut

Forest Gump Award – Runner of the Year

Nominees – Michael Willis, Pam, Tisha, Christie Youngblood, Matt V, Levi, Paul Miller, Claudia, Heather

Pam Delahoussaye

50% of the votes went to Pam with comments like “she’s probably running right now” and “how can anyone else really win this”

Swiss Army Knife Award – Sherpa of the Year

Nominees – Monica, Kimmie, Kendall

Kimmie Dorrell

85% of the votes. It’s really not even fair.  The one category that I didn’t need to really count to see who the clear winner was. Whether she is at a team race or just any other race, there’s no doubt who is racing as she keeps them well taken care of and us informed!

Do the Damn Thing – Officially Naming this the Bah-La-Kay award

Nominees – Matt Higgs, Stagg, “myself”?, Will, Blake, Heather, Heather, Megan


Due to the underwhelming amount of consistent training and survival in whatever he signs up for (note the prior comment) this award will forever be the Bah-La-Kay award. Somehow, some way he narrowly escapes death. I still don’t fully know how but he gets it done. 

Athletic Supporter Award – Best Cheerleader

Nominees – Selina, Montie, Kendall, Jeremy, Monica, Lacie, Brandon, Paul Kirk

Montie Dobbins

Again another award that was not hotly contested. She is everyone cheerleader no matter who coaches them or what race they are at!

Poindexter Award – Most likely to nerd out on training data

Nominees – Adrian, Ryan, Terri King, Coach Mike, Stephen P, Ray (he likes graphs), Paul, Johnathan LeJeune

Paul Miller

This award could have gone to a lot of different people but being that these are all peer selected awards, Paul wins this one. I can agree with that. He may not dig fully in the data but he knows what it means, when he pushes well and when he doesn’t. 

Breakout Performance

Nominees – Garrett, Matt V, Amber Rayn, Allie, Ryan, Larry, Kirk and heather for killing each other in swim competition, Josh Davis, Miranda, Paul, Heather, Brandy, Aspen, Will, Tanya Kerns

Garrett Wilson

This performance stands out among a lot of great performances this year. So many great ones this year that is almost mind-blowing. 

Garrett works 2,3,4 or hell maybe even 5 jobs. I will screw these up but basically he is a badass who is a firefighter, life flight EMS, husband and father. His wife was on “don’t have that baby till I return” mode for IMFL, while he rocked.

Team Partner Award

MRE Logo

Grazia Italian Kitchen

“Thank you for the support”

Rising Star Award – Rookie of the Year

Nominees – Ben Smith, Stephen Pinchback, Dawn Mccourry, Aspen, Ryan, Allie, Brandy Yurasek, Ryan, Miranda, Amy Stinson, Tisha, Wesley Earhart

Stephen Pinchback

Male Athlete of the Year

Nominees – Ryan Z, Paul Miller, Kirk, Will, Garrett, 

Ryan Zeidan

Ryan Zeidan – While juggling multiple businesses, he put in the work to get to and through his first IM while joining his Shreveport crew for the training that they needed to do as well. He is an incredible ambassador for the MRE family and embodies what we stand for!

Ryan – Because he literally did all the races and that’s impressive. 

Ryan Zeidan – Learning his story about his weight loss at camp was very inspiring but from what I can see this dude just gets out there and gets it done regularly. He has put together some solid races and seems to continue to improve. 

Female Athlete of the Year

Nominees – Aspen, Heather, Kendall, Megan,  

Heather Emory

Heather Emory because she came back from injury and had great races.

Heather Emory – well shes a badass if you did not know. She encourages working out no matter the situation. She will lift you up when you are down. She supports and races. 

Heather Emory —- she shows up and gets it done

Heather for coming back from big injury and surgery.

Coach of the Year

Jesse Zavala

Coach Jesse for his incredible work with a first time ultra runner and his success with athletes at Waco 70.3

Jesse Zavala- Jesse is an amazing Coach and was there for all of my athletic goals, but this year was a big struggle personally and Jesse was there as a friend and mentor through it all. He consistently went above and beyond what would be considered a coach’s duties and I will forever be grateful for that.

Jesse does not have the experience that most of the other coaches do but he is always working to increase his knowledge. He is always looking for feedback from his athletes and friends. He has great things in store for him. 

Jesse –  Goes above and beyond giving back time and experience to the endurance community

Where to start with this guy. 2 or so years ago I stalked a local ambitious athlete who I thought had the desire to coach. Part of my job as head monkey wrangler is to identify talent AND character traits that translate well to coaching but also will bring value into our community and family. Jesse is the kind of guy I would trust to take my kids to Chuck E Cheese. They would not only have a great time but they would be safe. 

Jesse is an exemplary human being, a great coach and solid leader in our family. He is always striving to learn and grow while adapting the modern day methodologies of coaching to his own style. 

Jesse is the guy you want in your corner when the chips are down or you have pissed some dude off at a bar. Either way I know that he has my back and the back of any member of the Mind Right family. If you disagree, just do burpees till you agree. 

Coach’s Award

Tanya Kerns

Coach’s Award

Aspen Neely

Coach’s Award

Will Close