New Training Technology for the Win!

The current level of sports technology is amazing.  It can provide power, heart rate, heart rate variability, speed, cadence, sleep data, and even body temperature.  [...]

The LEGACY of Heather Emory

Heather Emory - Benton, LA Heather and Coach Jeremy at IMFL The Legacy of Heather Emory is one of determination and grit. She [...]

The LEGACY of Paul Miller

Paul Miller - Lafayette, LA Image of Paul with Coach Brandon and Coach Jeremy Let me tell you a story about the legend [...]

Nutrition – Infinit Mixes

Nutrition and hydration are key pieces to your progress and your next PR! Our team of coaches has created a blend of Infinit mixes to [...]

Mason Geear – Scholarship Recipient

I’ve been on the Onward Scholarship with Mind Right Endurance for 2 months now and it has been a widely liberating experience for me. Most [...]

Don’t be a Goldfish

  Don’t be a goldfish? What does that even mean? Well, you know what they say about goldfish and their memories…..One lap around the bowl [...]

All the Questions!

What a wild year it has been! A year that has challenged us, made us question ourselves, and question our goals! Questions are a good [...]

Crash and Burn

So this is a meme I made a few years back of Johnathan Le Jeune when he was on a long training ride with his [...]

Internal Chaos

The following is an actual conversation with an athlete. (Names omitted to respect athletes privacy and vulnerability): Athlete: Welp. Learned my lesson. Slept through track.... [...]

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Riding in the COLD (It’s more fun than it sounds). It’s easy, just hop onto the trainer or rollers!  Well sometimes getting outside, even when [...]

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