Spring Cycling Base Camp

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Marfa, TX, a small artist community in Southwest Texas.
Though a little out of the way, the road riding in this part of Texas is reported to be excellent with minimal traffic outside of town and long uninterrupted stretches of road between towns (approx 25 – 30 miles).  This makes for excellent pre season training rides to boost your volume.

6-10 Feb, 2020

Marfa is designated at a Steppe climate, meaning high and dry.  The city sits at 4685 feet, and during February the average temperatures are low of 33F and high of 65F.  Perfect for some long rides with friends.

The primary lodging will be at El Cosmico  https://elcosmico.com/shelter/

We are currently working on a group discount with them as they have everything from a swanky cottage to tent camping onsite, though you are free to stay anywhere in town.

One of the primary draws to El Cosmico is the open air community kitchen where we will be cooking dinner each night for the group.  One of these dinners will feature a favorite from last year’s Moab Rocks Experience, FishSki Provisions Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese.

Expect one short shake down ride on day 1, with days 2 – 4 featuring 75 – 110 mile options.  Some routes will contain a moderate amount of climbing (approx 6000ft for 75 miles).

– CarboRocket Hydration:  https://carborocket.com/
– Honey Stinger Nutrition:  https://www.honeystinger.com/
– Daily training discussion
– Twice Daily coach lead breathing work sessions
– Follow vehicle/mechanic support

– $325 for Camp ($50 discount if you get a friend that we do not coach to sign up).
– $10/night for dinner
Extra Knowledge:
– There is no bike shop in Marfa, so please make sure to bring extra tubes and ensure that your bike is in good working order.
– Marfa is home to the Marfa Lights, mysterious glowing orbs that appear in the desert outside of town.

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/7Gq8tkn6h2pGnURz8