The Rules of Confidence


Confidence No one is born without it, however, different life circumstances and challenges cause us to question it and “misplace” it. I would like [...]

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Your Numbers are Yours. Own Them


    As we begin to inform our athletes of numbers for training and racing purposes, they will eventually fall down the rabbit hole of comparing [...]

Your Numbers are Yours. Own Them2019-11-08T14:10:09+00:00

Race Execution


   As athletes, we put in all of the training to perform on several days a year.  Often times, we spend so much time training [...]

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Mental Toughness for Athletes


    I notice that a lot of coaches ask for their athletes to be mentally strong or focused at races or events. However, what does [...]

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Hitting Your Potential


    In the world of endurance sports, everyone is seeking to become faster or more efficient in their races. This inevitably results in newer athletes [...]

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Raising your V02


 ​Written by: Joe Siegel   A Lot of athletes are starting some work on improving their Vo2max this time of year (Vo2max is the maximal rate of [...]

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Don’t Be a Robot to Numbers


Written by: Brandon Bahlawan   Most athletes are in the thick of their training for early season races, while others are getting started on their journey for [...]

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