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Internal Chaos

The following is an actual conversation with an athlete. (Names omitted to respect athletes privacy and vulnerability): Athlete: Welp. Learned my lesson. Slept through track.... [...]

The Making of a Champion

Back in early September one of the athletes that I work with won his third UCI Para Cycling World Time Trial Championship.  Some people will [...]

Pissed off for Greatness

Ever heard the saying "Be pissed off for greatness"? What does that really mean? I would like to share a real life athlete example of [...]

What in the hell are you doing?

Minutes. Hours. Days. Weeks. Months. Years. That is what you are willing to invest in getting to your goal race or event. Invest being [...]

The Rules of Confidence

Confidence No one is born without it, however, different life circumstances and challenges cause us to question it and “misplace” it. I would like [...]

The importance behind why

  As coaches, we like to know the process. Our purpose is to bring an athlete from point A to point B, from start line [...]

The Victory from Within

The best version of this blog is found on Johnathan's blog page here,  so go check it out! Share   0 Comments

Lean Into It

The key to "Leaning into it" is the coach/athlete relationship. Athletes react 1 of 2 ways when faced with adversity in training. They either lean [...]

The Boogieman in the Closet Part 2

In the last blog I covered the times of the year that I see as very common and recurring pitfalls for endurance athletes. In this [...]

The Boogieman in the Closet Part 1

In the world of endurance sports there are always opportunities for growth and development. As a coach who has worked with hundreds of athletes over [...]

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