Hitting Your Peak Fitness


    As cycling and triathlon season ramps up, many athletes have races that may be their focal point for 2017. Many athletes want to peak [...]

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Swimming: The Five Pillars


Written By: Ray Delahoussaye​In this blog, I will briefly discuss the five pillars of swimming and their importance.Swimming is hard. I get it. It requires, [...]

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Doping: Yes, It’s Happening


     If you’re in the sporting world, you will deal with dopers. For the case of this article, I’m going to refer to dopers [...]

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Knowing Your Hydration Strategy


How Much Do You Sweat?     This is a question that many endurance athletes should know, but they generally don’t. As athletes, we are always [...]

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Swimming: Why I can’t Improve


 Written By: Ray Delahoussaye - Swim & Endurance CoachSwimming, the neglected discipline. Time and time again I have experienced athlete’s frustrations about the swim and [...]

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GOALS: Why Most People Fail


   Goals. These are both my favorite aspect of athletics as well as my least favorite. How can they be both you ask? Simple, they [...]

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Training Through the Winter


    As the snow begins to fall and the south gets unseasonably cold temperatures, we must take a closer look at how to train in [...]

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