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​70.3 Chatty Race Recap


   Chattanooga is a beautiful city that is tucked between the mountains. It is one of those cities that really makes you appreciate life (if [...]

​70.3 Chatty Race Recap2020-02-27T15:43:19-06:00

Optimize Yourself Part 2


Stress & Recovery In my previous post, I wrote about doing the basics at a high level and maybe this post should have been [...]

Optimize Yourself Part 22020-02-27T15:36:28-06:00

Dear April…


Dear April, F*ck you!!! I knew you were coming many months ago; you were the bad train wreck that I couldn’t look away from. You [...]

Dear April…2020-02-27T15:37:05-06:00

Optimize Yourself – Part 1


  This is the first in a short series of Optimizing Yourself. Do the Basics with Expertise: In this day we can see all the [...]

Optimize Yourself – Part 12020-02-27T15:37:24-06:00

The Rules of Confidence


Confidence No one is born without it, however, different life circumstances and challenges cause us to question it and “misplace” it. I would like [...]

The Rules of Confidence2020-02-27T15:42:08-06:00

Failure: Swim Challenge Edition


Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm --- Winston Churchill I discovered this quote searching for a way to combat [...]

Failure: Swim Challenge Edition2020-02-27T15:53:13-06:00



  The Polar Vortex is starting to subside, the days are getting just a hair longer each day, and well of motivation to be on [...]

GET OUTSIDE!2020-02-27T15:53:57-06:00