Coach Jesse 

Jesse Zavala was born and raised in Brownsville, TX, and currently resides in Pearland, TX. He is a full time Forensic Chemist by day and an endurance coach by night. Growing up he was involved in football, basketball, boxing, track and field (shot-put and discus) and strength training.

He started his endurance sports journey in 2012 as a way of mixing up his strength training workout routines. In 2015, he entered the world of triathlon and has completed many races, including his first Ironman distance (140.6) triathlon in 2017.

Jesse’s true passion is using his vast knowledge and experience to help his athletes reach their goals and push themselves to limits they never knew existed. To accomplish this, he thinks beyond the box to create personalized training plans to provide a strong foundation for each athlete and increase their efficiency and fitness, while reducing the chances of injury.

As with any relationship, the athlete-coach relationship requires frequent communication in order to monitor and make any necessary adjustments for maximum fitness gains. His athletes come from a variety of backgrounds and fitness levels. If you have any questions or want to chat with Jesse, refer to the “Let’s Get Started Today” section below!


Lets Get Started Today!


My IRONMAN journey began as a dream, but at the time I thought it wasn’t a realistic dream. I was 49 years old, overweight and had extremely bad knees. However, I signed up and decided to dive right in. I looked for a coach and instead I found a brother. This young man guided an old, stubborn, high maintenance diva of a man and molded him into an IRONMAN. They say Iron strengthens Iron. That’s exactly what Jesse did. He coached me with patience, expertise, understanding and lastly he tailored his plan and made my body and mind ready for 140.6 miles of fun. Coaching is not Jesse’s job or hobby it’s his passion and he doesn’t do it alone. His wonderful wife is there with him at every race and the rest of the MRE family joins in too. Be a part of Team Zavala! – Ruben Perez

“I can not describe how thankful I am that I found this group and jumped into training with Coach Jesse! I came back from having two babies and wanted to give triathlon a try. My results speak for themselves – 3rd place in my age group in my first ever triathlon. It was absolutely due to the care and expertise of Coach Jesse who safely built me up from nothing!Katie Rutherford

“Having Coach Jesse has improved goal setting and provided focus in daily, weekly, and long term training plans. Some days feel easy and you have to reign yourself in. But, the process is evident by gains made in terms of time, strength, and endurance. The metrics provide clarity in tracking those gains. And then, there are the hard days…”Jason Schroeder

“Starting my marathon journey with Coach Jesse has given me more focus and determination. I’ve put all of my trust in him and my progress/results speak for themselves. Every workout has a calculated purpose, and there is a method to the madness! After my first half marathon, I have adjusted my goals and I know with Coach Jesse’s coaching and guidance that I can accomplish these goals that I once thought were unattainable.”Carlos Salinas

“I’ve only been working with Coach Jesse for a short period of time, but have had an amazing experience. I am the type of person who had viewed more mileage as the status symbol of fitness. I was a bit nervous when I saw my mileage dropping, but I’ve seen first hand that the carefully planned, quality workouts have been working very well. I’ve improved my 5K run time by 10 minutes and feel stronger and faster than ever. Coach Jesse definitely makes you work for it, but I’m excited to see how far I can progress heading into my first 70.3!”Ben Smith




Athletes receive personalized, data driven training plans to ensure goals are met in the safest and most efficient way possible.


No more guessing on how your doing. Athletes are provided with real time data on key metrics to ensure confidence your going into race day prepared


Creating a proper work and life balance for every athlete is vital to training and race day success.