What will help you achieve the most success when working with a coach? YOU. You are the number one key component in the process. Allow me to explain why…

I think that the majority of athletes do not value themselves as a key part of the process to get to their goals. Some athletes believe that when they hire a coach they are assured a PR or gains. That could not be the farthest thing from the truth.

Yes, it is the coach’s job (when hired) to fully understand your goals (both the spoken and unspoken ones) and to create the foundation and the path to assist you in getting there.

The work must be done by the athlete.
The honest sharing of goals and proper goal setting is on the athlete.
The accountability is on the athlete (yes there is an appreciated value of having a coach and it helping an athlete be more accountable).
The active and continuous communication is on the athlete (and coach)

One thing that I feel goes undervalued is the athlete’s appreciation for what it is they really want and need. I mean being truly and brutally honest with yourself. Are you after more “kudos/likes/atta boys”? Are you wanting more “just fucking get it done” type of coach? These are crucial things that you must fully accept about yourself prior to hiring a coach. While coaches are dynamic, they have their strengths and weaknesses. A good coach knows them and appreciates them.

Coaching should be a democracy, not a dictatorship so own your part of the process and earn your results!

Hopefully in the past 3 blogs you have gained a little more insight into what coaching is. You will see that so much of coaching and the “magic” is derived from the proper selection of a coach and the initial establishment of trust and the relationship.

Choose wisely and work hard!

​- Coach Jeremy