Man crashing on bike in water
So this is a meme I made a few years back of Johnathan Le Jeune when he was on a long training ride with his training partner Jeremy Stagg.

Sure it’s funny because he eats it, (he was unharmed for those that really care) but this is a story in one picture. I see a lot of the path and the goal in this one image.

This is a guy who was seeking to be the best version of himself he could be. To him it was taking his pro “card” and racing the best of the best. To you it may be a PR, a new distance or losing some weight.

No matter what your “goal” is, there will be low water crossings, slick spots and many chances to “crash”. It is hard to see that when things are going well but know the pitfalls await your arrival.

This isn’t to be a pessimists opinion. This is the opinion of someone who sees the entire path. All the map at one time.
The times are coming and they will not define you. What WILL define you is how quickly you get back up and continue forward.

If my memory serves me right, this was very early on in their ride and they went on to finish 100 miles that day.

How quickly are you willing to get back up after the fall? If that answer is “quickly” then your goals are well within your grasp.
Keep training hard!
– Coach Jeremy