Goldfish with bulging eyes

Don’t be a goldfish? What does that even mean? Well, you know what they say about goldfish
and their memories…..One lap around the bowl and BOOM!…. It’s like a whole new world and they have
forgotten everything! Well, at least that is what we have been told. Turns out it isn’t even true, and they
actually have memory spans of about 6 months. So maybe this should be titled “Be a goldfish”; anyway, I

The point I am really trying to make is something I see people struggle with and battle it myself.
Forgetting the lessons we learn. This often causes us to repeat prior mistakes or stunt our own growth.
This just doesn’t apply to exercise either, it happens in all facets of our lives. I have personally spent the
last decade working on myself, to be a better person, father, significant other, employee, friend, athlete,
you name it. I have put in tons of hours on tearing myself down to the foundation and rebuilding a
better version. I did this by taking inventory of the things I liked about myself and wanted to keep and
improve on and the things I disliked and needed to change. Then I dove in reading books and articles
and going to war with myself on long runs. Have I been successful? Yes! Am I done? No! Have I learned a
lot? You bet! Do I stumble along the way? Abso-fucking-lutely. This takes me back to the original

Whatever your mission may be as you learn along the way make sure you store those lessons
learned somewhere so you can review them. I keep notes on my phone and if I feel myself slipping up
on something I worked so hard to change I go visit my notes. These notes include quotes, page numbers
to important points in books I have read, links to articles, etc. Because sometimes I swim around the bowl
and forget (well you know what I mean). Having these stored where I can easily get back to them allows
me to get back on track much quicker and keeps me moving forward.

As a coach, I have watched many athletes make this mistake sometimes to the point that they
cannot even see how much they have grown! If I had to pick one lesson, they forget the most it is that
comparison to others is an exercise in futility. You just cannot do it! You do not know where another
individual is in their journey. You may look at a workout they did on Strava that impresses you. It may be
their worst performance ever and here you are tearing yourself down because you can’t put up those
types of numbers. Quit looking around and creating your own monsters! Instead look back at where you
have come from, how you have improved, review your lessons learned, and continue on YOUR path!

– Coach Brandon