Leadership is something that requires acceptance of oneself, trust in your tribe and execution of a plan of attack from the front.

Coach Brandon knows what it means when it comes to leading people in high stress situations and he has brought the experience he earned from the Marine Corps into the endurance world.

When there is an opportunity to help an athlete or to find the right words for the moment to motivate, he never falls short of the task.

He exhibits the skills, values and passion that are required to help people chase their goals day in and day out. This is one of the many reason he has been promoted to Senior Coach for the Mind Right family.

On a more personal thought process, Coach Brandon and I like to jab each other about our time in the service but I never doubt that in the heat of a battle, he has my back. There is a reason that he has climbed the ladder of the coaching world in short order. He gets it and that is a great gift that he shares with many others!

– Jeremy