The Polar Vortex is starting to subside, the days are getting just a hair longer each day, and well of motivation to be on the trainer or treadmill is getting dry.  What do you do now to keep your momentum up, to keep your fitness improving, to not be an impatient, cranky low life to your family?

GET OUTSIDE! And not just outside the house, garage, gym, Zwift, Strava but get outside your normal routine.

I personally don’t spend day after day indoors for months, the weather where I live is nice enough to get outside even in winter. My schedule allows for time in the middle of the day to be outside.  I get to travel to warmer climates to work at training camps.  But all of that was still my routine and it was weighing on me.  And when I talk with athletes that don’t have my schedule, I can hear the weight of their routine.

So what did I do? I took a sick day. I dropped my son off at school, did an absolute minimal amount work, and I drove to my favorite place to ski tour.  For various reasons, I hadn’t been on my skis in a couple of years and I was unsure of my ability due to a lingering minor injury, but I went anyway.

As I drove into the mountains, the sun shone brilliantly and the temperature dropped from a balmy 45 in Colorado Springs to a low of 7 in South Park.  I saw pronghorn, bison, and a big coyote. Once at the trailhead, I got a little nervous, but worked through it with some box breathing and the discipline of double checking my equipment as I put my skins on my skis, extended my poles, and buckled into my boots.

When I started the uphill ski it hurt but in a way that refreshed my mind and soul enough that I pushed a little harder and decided to climb a little higher.  It took a little while to feel like I had any skill at all but every second was still glorious as looked across the valley to the high peaks.

When I arrived home later that night, even thought I was exhausted I felt refreshed and was grateful for all the things in my life; the people, the work, and even the suffering.  It only take a little bit of time and doesn’t need to be everyday but occasional ejection from your routine can do wonders for your motivation.

Get outside and live life!
​- Coach Mike