The key to “Leaning into it” is the coach/athlete relationship. Athletes react 1 of 2 ways when faced with adversity in training. They either lean into it or they back off, generally speaking. Both of these are mental tasks that must be practiced to gain.

Generally speaking when an athlete backs away that is a good indicator that they do not trust me as a coach or they lack the crucial self belief that it takes to grow when being pushed. These actually go hand in hand and need to be addressed.

Every athlete is different. Every athlete responds differently physically, mentally and emotionally when tasked with things that may be beyond their current comfort zone or their current scope of belief in themselves.

Often times the athlete pulls away because of their own self imposed limitations. It is in those moments when you must lean into your support system. The group you have around you (family, friends, training partners, faith, coaches, mentors, etc) is there for when you need something to lean on. USE IT!

​- Coach Jeremy