I’ve been on the Onward Scholarship with Mind Right Endurance for 2 months now and it has been a widely liberating experience for me. Most importantly, it has made me enjoy exercising again as I did a few years ago. I’d lost interest in wanting to exercise altogether as my schedule had gotten extremely busy with finishing up school and taking on a new job. 

Having a coach can show you how just putting in 30-45 minutes a day can truly change your lifestyle and you can quickly start feeling a lot better, both physically and mentally. I was extremely stressed out from taking on a completely new job in a different industry. I began getting a lot of anxiety and felt restless because all I could focus on and worry about was work. Having a set schedule every week when working out has turned this around for me. I feel like I take a portion of my day to shut my brain off and focus on the workouts for that day. I didn’t have before. 

This shift allows for me to have a transition through my day from getting off of work and being in work mode to going home and relaxing. I also just feel healthier physically as well. It hasn’t ever been about weight loss for me, I just wanted to feel less sluggish during the day. Working out, even if it is a short period every day has made me feel more energetic and positive while I’m at work. 

Coach Jesse has also been uplifting, positive and has customized my workouts to fit my needs and schedule. He isn’t trying to overwhelm me by making the workout into something different every day. He ups the ante a little each week to add new challenges, but it’s never too hard and I’ve never felt the need to just flat out give up. 

Also, during the pandemic, it’s obviously hard to do any sort of in-person interaction with him. But regardless of this, he is still checking in with me a few times a week and always has highly encouraging things to say. You’d think it wouldn’t make much difference, but for me, I’ve always been skeptical about if I’m doing something correctly, so affirmation has been a plus throughout this experience. 

Overall, I’ve had a great experience with Coach Jesse and Mind Right Endurance and look forward to finishing out the Onward Scholarship!


-Mason Geear – 2020/2021 Onward Scholarship Recipient

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