2019 Mind Right Endurance Training Camps

Spring Long Course Training Camp

The first long course training camp is here and waiting for you! Based out of Pearland, Tx

With this camp being just 1 week before Galveston 70.3, we will be offering two “varieties” of the camp. There will be one part of it (optional for you) that will be lower volume and higher on the education and instruction side. The other side will be less educational and more volume. You will need to select which “version” you would like to attend when you register!

  1. When: March 29-31, Pearland, TX

    1. Pricing:  

      1. Camp fees: Before Feb 15, $200; Feb 15-March 1, $275; After March 1, $350 (food Saturday night and lunches are included in this fee)
        If you are interested in attending the cycling camp as well, we will provide a discount when you sign up for both at the same time)
    2. Instruction:
      1. Sport Specific form analysis (swimming and running) (signup will be made for this before camp to reserve your dedicated time slot)
      2. Individualized training nutrition evaluation and recommendations (signup will be made for this before camp to reserve your dedicated time slot)
      3. Mental Mastery Workshop during camp
      4. Coach led workouts that will help to build and develop your aerobic back of fitness as you prepare for a long course race in the first half of the year.
    3. Required:
      1. Well maintained bike
      2. Any equipment/clothing you would need or want for a triathlon
      3. In workout Training Nutrition
      4. Minimum of 3 spare tubes and means to inflate them

Itinerary to be released in early March

Register for the Long Course Tri Camp here: