The current level of sports technology is amazing.  It can provide power, heart rate, heart rate variability, speed, cadence, sleep data, and even body temperature.  However, with all this data, athletes need coaches and sports scientists to interpret it and translate it into actionable tasks.  Additionally, this increased density of data requires more time to dive into the data and find those pieces that can be turned into actions that equal improved performance.

I recently found an exception to this conundrum, WILD.AI.  WILD. AI is an app for female athletes built to help them and their coaches track their menstrual cycle and provide information to optimize training and recovery through each phase.

The information provided for each day of an athlete’s cycle is in-depth yet easy to read and absorb.  An athlete or coach can go as deep as their curiosity and time allow for as each section is complete pre, during, and post-training suggestions for nutrition, intensity, and recovery modalities. References are also provided if you want to go further into the research.

I’ve been utilizing WILD.AI for about a month with a handful of the female athletes I coach, and I am enjoying how it helps me dial in training and send the athletes reminders about nutrition and hydration. 

Is it effective in improving performance? It’s too early to say, as none of these athletes have raced since we started using the app. However, the feedback I have gotten is that they feel the training is not individualized and the nutritional component is helping with recovery.  In my coach’s mind, this creates more confident athletes, and more confident athletes perform well in various situations.


Train hard and recover smart!
– Coach Mike