It is that time again. The time of year where the Mind Right family finds two people who are interested in changing their lives, growing internally and doing epic shit!

Those two people will receive 6 months of free coaching from a Mind Right coach to help support and propel them ONWARD!

Tisha has been working with us for abut 6 months now and here is her story:

“My story is nothing special. In fact, I was surprised when Jeremy asked me to write this. Part of me is convinced that he just wants to use this as a cautionary tale for others on what NOT to do. Well either way, here it goes!

Some people would say, making your very first triathlon a ½ Ironman is crazy. Well those people wouldn’t be wrong. But I’ve come to find out that following through with crazy ideas is sort of a theme around here. This all started as a small seed of an idea that slowly grew because of the inspiration and encouragement from others.

A very small bit about me. Many moons ago I played basketball and swam on the swim team in high school. I went on to play collegiate basketball for a small school in SA for 2 years before transferring to Texas A&M University to study Exercise Physiology. I’d always been pretty fascinated by the human body and all it is capable of. I guess you could say that fascination led me to my profession and to this sport.

Last year my cousin, who has been like a sister to me, signed up for her first ½ IM. She had been doing sprints for years but this was her first extended distance. I was so excited and proud of her.

A few months later I walked into my neuro class for PTA school and met the newest member of our faculty, Dr. Kendall Gill. This aspiring PTA student couldn’t get questions out fast enough through the semester. If I wasn’t asking questions about physical therapy then I was asking questions about triathlons. I’m still surprised she never locked me out of her office!

The Monday after Kendall’s IM Florida I came into class early to set up some things and write Congratulations Dr. Gill on the board. I remember sitting down and thinking “I wonder if someday I could do something that epically cool?” If you know Kendall at all you know that she was the very first person to tell me that I could and that I should. Not only that, she wouldn’t let me get away with “someday”.

She gave me the dates for both the 70.3 team races and asked me to pick one. There’s something indescribably motivating when people you admire and look up to believe and invest in you. After the semester was over, she introduced me to Jeremy and to Mind Right. I told Jeremy that I admired everything he was doing, but I had to confess that I could not afford to join until after my clinical rotations (aka..unpaid internships). He told me about this Onward Scholarship opportunity and encouraged me to consider applying.

Fast forward a couple of months later and I am getting on a bike trainer for the very first time (and getting off walking funny), having my mind blown with Target HR equations, and standing on the edge of a freezing pool with Kendall saying “Don’t touch the water. Just jump in and go!”

I have learned so much over the last few months and I have had the most patient teachers. I wake up at 415 every morning, do my workout(s), drive 75 min to my clinical, where I’m critically observed and graded as I work my butt off for no pay for 8-9 hours. Then I drive home eat and study up for the next day’s patient case load before doing it all over again. If I have any extra time at all I am studying for my state board exam. This includes time on the trainer or treadmill.

​To the outside world I seem crazy to have taken this on during such a stressful time in my life. What they don’t know is that this sport and these people came into my life at the perfect time. They are what has helped me get through this with a smile on my face every day. I haven’t crossed any finish lines yet, but I am having a blast along the way!”

Now if that doesn’t inspire you, I do not know what will!

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