Onward is more than a word…

It is a way of life and a purpose for being. To continually drive forward towards your goals and dreams. We want to help foster that belief and empower your passion.

The ONWARD scholarship program is our way of helping people to push past their boundaries and pursue their goals and dreams with relentless passion. Janet Martin gave that gift to many people in her life. This is our way to keep that gift giving.

What is the onward scholarship?

6 months of free coaching to the race of your choice with one of our professional coaches. FREE coaching to help you accomplish your goals.

We will utilize Training Peaks software to guide and mentor you to your race. Along the way we will document your progress and development to share with others who may be inspired to get started themselves.

The Legacy of Janet Martin

Janet Martin lived in Shreveport, LA and was a swim/endurance coach there. It is rumored and joked about that she taught everyone in Shreveport how to swim. True or not, she impacted more lives that you can begin to imagine just by sharing her love for life, fitness and swimming.

The level of patience she demonstrated with new swimmers (have never swam before) was second to none and the support she gave to the endurance community was nothing short of amazing.

There are so many more things she did in her life to positively impact others that we cannot list them all. So we created the ONWARD scholarship to give to athletes the way Janet did for all of her life. Janet left us far too soon after her second battle with cancer on Aug. 28, 2016. Janet’s legacy will live on with each person we reach and help!

We loved Janet like she was family and she left a lasting impression on us. As she would say, Always ONWARD.

Requirements to Apply or Nominate

– Must be an athlete who has not completed an endurance race or has completed just 1 race and is looking to learn and grow

– Must be willing to provide written or video content every 2 weeks documenting their journey into endurance sports

Simple. We are looking for people who want to learn, grow and conquer their fears en route to accomplishing their goals and dreams!

Lets get started!