The next step in doing the basics at an extraordinary level is to focus on just one of those basic things at a time.  I realize that this seems to be completely contrary to the world we live in and it is.  Ask yourself though, how has that multi-tasking been working for you.  Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, like you’re not doing the best job you can?

You can admit it, we all feel that way sometimes.  There are so many things vying for our attention, so many things that work, life, and kids (fur or human) need done each day, it is almost impossible to not feel this way.
There is one thing you can do to help with this, one thing you have control over.  Focus your attention, do just ONE thing at a time.
That’s right, if you stop multi-tasking, you will start to escape those feelings of being overwhelming.

Doing just one thing at a time will help you improve the quality of the things you do.  Listening more intently, will help you grow the depth of your relationships.
Will you get the same amount of things done?  Quite possibly.  But even if you don’t, the things you do complete and accomplish will be of a higher quality, so it will have more value to you, your job, your family, your friends.

How do you do this:

  1. No tech at meals (phones, TV, computers).
  2. Put your phone away when you talk with someone face to face.
  3. When you talk on the phone, don’t surf the internet, social media, or your email.
  4. Take small breaks in your work day:  work as hard as you can for 50 min then take a 10 min break (take a walk during this time, checking your social media doesn’t count as a break).
  5. Be disciplined

– Coach Mike