This is the first in a short series of Optimizing Yourself.

Do the Basics with Expertise:

In this day we can see all the fancy, crazy, cool, secret workouts that professional athletes do almost immediately on social media.

​We get to drool over all of the cool equipment and technology that their sponsors hand out to them.  Then, we want to try these workouts, buy that cool gear, be just like those elites.  However, that is not the answer to becoming the best athlete and human you can become.

Almost without exception, those elite athletes that you look up to did not get where they are today by doing anything that that would look cool on the internet or using some high tech piece of equipment.  They got there by doing the basics at an outstanding level.

They learned to squat, lunge, and hinge (usually without added weight) properly before they clean or do some crazy battle rope routine.

They learned how to shift, corner, and pedal smoothly before they learned how to those things in a Cat 1 pack or in the aero position.

They did thousands of yards of drill before they could consistently knock out 59 sec 100’s with flip turns that make them look like a dolphin.

But most importantly, they learned to do the basics of life at the highest level.

If you don’t have these aspects of life dialed, you are short changing your potential.  If you want to get faster, be stronger, perform better in all aspects of life, this is where you should start.

In the following blog posts, I’ll lay out the equation for optimizing yourself but start here:
30 min more sleep/night
Drink 2 more cups of water/day
Eat 1 more serving of vegetables (green leafy things) each day and one less processed thing each day
Try to only breathe through your nose when you aren’t working out.

– Coach Mike