Ever heard the saying “Be pissed off for greatness”? What does that really mean?

I would like to share a real life athlete example of that. We will call this athlete “Athlete X”.

Notes about Athlete X:
– has been an endurance athlete for many years
– has raced many distances in running, cycling and multisport
– currently is not finishing in the desired placing/time in multisport events
– strengths are running and cycling
– weaknesses are swimming, mobility, core strength and mental aptitude

Athlete X aspires to become better at swimming so that they can close down the gap that is limiting their overall performance in multisport racing.

Once this was shared with their coach they had 1 of 2 options.

Option 1: Double down on their current strengths to close the gap. “Doing what’s comfortable”
Option 2: Commit to the swim and put in the hard yards to gain more fitness. “Doing what’s necessary”

Athlete X chose option 2. They committed to a masters swim program where they were not the strongest and mid-pack, at best, so that they are forced to work hard. They committed to touching the water 6 days per week.

2017 – 136:xx Hours – 5.62% of training volume
2018 – 158:xx Hours – 8.84% of training volume
2019 – 205:xx Hours – 13.5% of training volume (To date of this post)

What can be learned from this?

Athlete X is a great example of what being “Pissed off for greatness” is and should be. When faced with a limiter they chose to lean into it, get very uncomfortable and grow.

Often times, athletes like to lean back and relax a bit more, resting on whatever their strengths are to try to mask their weaknesses. In reality, if they chose the right time to really focus in on their weaknesses they would also be enhancing their strengths as well.

Your weakness may not be swimming. It could be proper rest/recovery modalities, running, mobility or nutrition. Whatever it is, seek it out and attack it.

Athlete X devoted the time and focus into getting better, getting uncomfortable and ultimately being vulnerable. You will find Athlete X on a podium near you in 2020!

Keep working hard!

​- Coach Jeremy