Strength training in endurance sports? But, if I put on extra weight from lifting wouldn’t that slow me down? This is a common misconception that many people use as an excuse to skip out on strength training during their training plan.

Strength training is a MUST when it comes to endurance sports. By incorporating a strength program into your training, you will benefit by strengthening your muscles, ligaments and tendons. When you make these moving parts stronger, your body becomes better at handling the stress that endurance workouts put on you.

Unlike other sports like soccer, basketball, and football that initiate lateral movements, endurance sports primarily operate in a single plane by requiring you to move forward in a straight line.  Although you will have strong quads, hamstrings, back and shoulders, you will more than likely have weak stabilizer muscles, glutes, core, and hip flexors which will likely result in injury.

By incorporating a strength training plan into your endurance training, you can target the major muscles as well as the smaller muscles we tend to neglect.  I’d recommend two to three strength sessions a week, incorporating band and core work into these workouts. I’ve included a workout below as an example of the format I like to use when it comes to strength training for my athletes.

4 Rounds, 1.5 Minutes Rest In Between Rounds
– 8 DB Chest Press
– 8 DB Upright Rows
– 8 DB Shoulder Press
– 8 DB Thrusters

Upon completion of the above circuit, perform the following band exercises
3 x 15 Lateral Walk (each direction)
3 x 15 Monster Walk
3 x 15 Reverse Monster Walk
3 x 15 Glute Bridges

Cash out with a 1.5 minute plank

​- Coach Jesse