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Internal Chaos


The following is an actual conversation with an athlete. (Names omitted to respect athletes privacy and vulnerability): Athlete: Welp. Learned my lesson. Slept through track.... [...]

Internal Chaos2020-03-03T15:44:29-06:00

The Rules of Confidence


Confidence No one is born without it, however, different life circumstances and challenges cause us to question it and “misplace” it. I would like [...]

The Rules of Confidence2020-02-27T15:42:08-06:00

The Victory from Within


The best version of this blog is found on Johnathan's blog page here,  so go check it out! Share   0 Comments

The Victory from Within2020-02-27T16:08:39-06:00

Lean Into It


The key to "Leaning into it" is the coach/athlete relationship. Athletes react 1 of 2 ways when faced with adversity in training. They either lean [...]

Lean Into It2020-02-27T16:10:09-06:00

The Boogieman in the Closet Part 1


In the world of endurance sports there are always opportunities for growth and development. As a coach who has worked with hundreds of athletes over [...]

The Boogieman in the Closet Part 12020-02-27T16:12:07-06:00

Death By Data


Would you please stop? I mean seriously, just stop. File that statement under things you can say to a child and to an endurance athlete. [...]

Death By Data2020-02-27T16:12:33-06:00

Who are you?


The journey into endurance sports is one that captivates, commands your attention and fuels a fire that burns deep within you. We all enter into [...]

Who are you?2020-02-27T16:16:20-06:00

GOALS: Why Most People Fail


     Goals. These are both my favorite aspect of athletics as well as my least favorite. How can they be both you ask? Simple, [...]

GOALS: Why Most People Fail2020-02-27T21:33:13-06:00