As coaches, we like to know the process. Our purpose is to bring an athlete from point A to point B, from start line to finish line. The beauty in that seemingly simple goal is that the process gets to look different for everyone.

I have athletes ask me all the time how they can get faster, or stronger. No matter who is asking, what their goals, are, or what context they’re asking, I respond the same.


Why do you want to get fit, why do you want to break 20 minutes in the 5k? Why did you sign up for an Ironman? When you can identify your why, the rest becomes much easier to execute because your purpose has become clearer.

You see, I can write you workouts all day long that center on pace, reps, watts, laps, etc., but you aren’t going to want to do them if you can’t turn back to your why.

Your why dictates your willingness to be up before the sun. Your why is what pushes you to go harder, do one more rep, swim one more lap, push the pace on that last mile.

In contrast, as athletes, we like to know why we’re swimming five days a week or what the purpose behind threshold bike intervals are.  It is never a bad idea to ask why. Your coach has a process, there is a method to that madness. I have gained much insight as an athlete asking my coaches “why?” over the years. Now, as a coach, I love the investment behind my athletes asking me why.

So much weight is carried with such a simple and short phrase. Three letters that set the course of your goals, the purpose behind your path, the purpose behind your training, and fuels the passion behind your drive.Know your why and strive for it daily! Keep putting in the work!

-Coach Ashley