Random ramblings from a random coach who was on a random Ironman course recently:

What is it that captivates us about an Ironman? What about the distance, the challenges and the journey drives us to learn more, buy more and go faster?

This answer will be different for each person but one thing will always remain. The sacrifice that is required is deep. Social life, friendships, relationships, money, family and a list of many other things. I am not telling you anything that you do not know.

What I do want to discuss is how I have personally seen so many athletes become so enveloped in the process that we overlook the sacrifice by others, not ourselves. Granted at times we need to really dive in but where I see the problem is when people ignore or do not acknowledge the sacrifices. I am not talking about a post on FB and “thanks”. I mean on the course. In real time. In the heat of the moment.

When you are on the race course what will it cost you to stop and hug your child or kiss your spouse? Thank a volunteer? Appreciate the support of a team?

I am afraid that I have seen these type of under-appreciation all too often and even more so when the athlete isn’t “performing” like they expect or can.

This isn’t meant to be a gripe session but a call to action. When you are doing what you do give time to those there for you. Give up 10 minutes over the course of an Ironman to show those who are there for you that you love them! What if I told you it is almost scientifically proven how acknowledging those around you will make you feel better, even in the darkest of miles in an Ironman.

Like I always say, be more than just good at exercise. Be good at life 🙂

​- Coach Jeremy