Heather Emory – Benton, LA

Heather and Coach Jeremy at IMFL

The Legacy of Heather Emory is one of determination and grit. She is the kind of person who never takes the easy road and instead opts for whatever will help her achieve her goals. I have had the privilege of coaching Heather for six years, and during that time, we worked together to get her fast and help her qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona. During this time, Heather decided she wanted to do even more to improve her chances of success and remove a current limiter of her growth, so she underwent two procedures to restore complete blood flow to her legs. These procedures were not easy but necessary for her quality of life and training. Heather did all of this with her characteristic big smile and never-say-die attitude.

Those who know Heather the best know she will never say no to almost anything, loves to have fun, and go with the flow. This isn’t often something that leads to success at the IM distance, but she has pulled it off!

Heather Emory is an inspiration to all who know her, and she embodies the spirit of triathlon in the way that she never gives up and always strives for excellence. She is a role model for anyone who wants to achieve their goals, regardless of how difficult they may seem. I am proud to call Heather my friend, and I know she will continue to inspire people worldwide with her tenacity and determination. Thank you, Heather, for setting an example for all of us and showing us what is possible if we never give up.

Heather Emory. You are an IRONMAN and YOU are going to Kona!