Paul Miller – Lafayette, LA

Image of Paul with Coach Brandon and Coach Jeremy

Image of Paul with Coach Brandon and Coach Jeremy

Let me tell you a story about the legend of Paul Miller. Paul is a very humble, unassuming, and caring guy. He truly is. And I hate him for that.

Paul is the kind of guy that will drop everything he has (as long as he doesn’t have a workout scheduled) to come to assist you with anything you need (unless it requires upper body strength, like opening a jar of pickles). He is rock-steady in his pursuits and very reliable as a friend. Paul is the kind of guy that you want to win at everything, but he doesn’t. If I am being honest here, he is the guy who deserves to win at everything, yet life smacks him every chance it gets. I think he likes it because he makes it a fuel source for him over time. I digress, as this isn’t about Paul at all. This is about the pursuit. Being driven. Chasing dreams. Paul is just an example of all of those things.

Paul Miller is the exact example of hard work, sacrifice, and sheer determination. He is the guy that will outwork anyone around him when he is chasing a goal. He is the one who sacrifices it all, even when he knows the results may not come. There is always a glimmer of hope in him, even when his back is against the wall. He always has that extra gear that a lot of us lack.

He has a shirt made just for him that his friends wear that states, “I ride with Paul Miller.” Paul Miller is the guy you want to see win at life. Paul Miller is an Ironman. Paul Miller is a legend. Paul Miller is going to Kona.