Tommy Muir – Director of Mental Performance

Tommy spent six and a half years in the Marine Corps as an infantry officer, holding numerous leadership positions and doing multiple combat deployments. Upon leaving the service, he worked with multiple nonprofits, helping wounded service members, veterans, and first responders recover through cycling and triathlon. This work deeply resonated with him and led him to pursue a Master of Arts in sport psychology. 


Working in this capacity, Tommy embraces the wise words of Henry Ford, who once said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford was talking about mindset. Mindset is everything. The way we think, the way we interpret sensory information, and our ability to thrive in complex environments are all determined by our mindset. It grounds our approach. It either helps us get where we want to go, or it is what is holding us back. With this understanding, Tommy works with athletes, performers, veterans, first responders, business professionals, and Special Operations Forces (SOF) soldiers, to hone their mindset, enabling them to find the results commensurate with their innate abilities. 


Tommy is Certified Mental Performance Consultant ® through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and an active endurance athlete residing in Boulder, CO. He can be found on the roads, trails, and pools in the local area.


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