Coach Johnathan LeJeune is based in Greenville, SC. He is a professional triathlete who also works as a full time salesmen for Superfeet Worldwide. When he is not traveling for work he enjoys spending time with his family exploring the outdoors and being active. Here is what Johnathan had to say about his career, family and triathlon:

“I am a husband, a father, and a triathlete.  I have big dreams and a drive that is big enough to pursue them.  I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember, participating in almost every sport under the sun.  Sports is life and life is sports. My life revolves around the sport of triathlon, and I hope to show my children that anything is possible with hard work and determination.”

Johnathan’s family is the cornerstone to his life so he deeply understands the day to day juggling act of a serious athlete. He understands the balances needed and the sacrifices required to meet your goals, no matter how high they are.